Is Wi-Fi sufficient for your enterprise needs?

  It goes without saying that gone are the days for Wired connections. Sure, they’re necessary infrastructure to even get the services delivered in the first place – but as far as consumers are concerned, nobody likes being held hostage in one place by the wires and cables.

The future of IBW has an impending spectacular shift.. how can you be a part of it?

   Let’s kick off with some quick stats, shall we? So today, There are 4 Billion connected people. There are 50 Billion connected devices. Indoors mobile traffic contributes 80% of the total mobile traffic today.  The number of connected ‘things’ is expected to reach 50.1 Billion by 2020. In-Building Wireless market is expected to be worth $16.71 Billion by 2020. IBW equipment market itself is expected to be worth $10 Billion by 2025. Out of this, IBW 5G equipment alone […]

So you’re ready to start a IBW project. Do you know about the space, the occupants, the demand, and the dynamics?

  IBW solutions are like Cinderella’s shoes. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for every aspiring IBW’ers.    Why? Because buildings are different. The construction materials and the way they’re built are different. Their in-building dynamics are also different. The incumbent technologies the buildings have (or not) are also unique. (What else?)

The gigantic growth anticipated in the IBW market

In Building Wireless (IBW) – communication solution that maintains connectivity inside a building or a facility where macro network signals cannot penetrate. Beyond that, IBW is also a means to enhanced delivery of services, providing advanced signal coverage inside a building,  and increasing the capacity for bandwidth-hungry applications and data-centric services.

Five ways to lose money on DAS

  Ability to access wireless voice and data consonantly, regardless of location, has become more important than ever. In today’s business world, high speed data and wireless voice on-demand is not only expected but also crucial. There are many poor coverage areas, vacuums and dead-zones, where service degradation are always experienced, if not much-dreaded call-drops in the middle of an important call. Enhancing the wireless service in these zones and expanding coverage into new areas are becoming fast overdue as […]

Getting a Public Safety DAS? Here is what you need to know – Part 1

Public Safety DAS (Distributed Antenna System) is a system that is implemented to cater to the first responders for the wireless service, especially in-building wireless. The key purpose is to ensure that these emergency service responders can have an access to seamless, uninterrupted wireless communication whilst inside the buildings too.

In-Building Wireless (IBW) does not only boost your cellular signals. They also boost your property’s value.

When we feel welcomed as a guest, we hang around. When we feel loved and wanted as a partner, we stay.  When we feel appreciated at work, we give more. When we feel rather productive as tenants, we’re more likely to renew our leases. Renting a place is not only about getting a shelter, or having gas and electricity, or good trash and sewerage systems. Not any more. Just like getting a cell phone is no longer simply about an ability […]

Residential DAS – why incorporate it during development phase?

To start the construction of the residential project with In-Building Wireless (IBW) as one of its key inclusions is a shrewd move. Whether it is a high-rise residential complex, or tens (or hundreds) of residential homes. Whether the residential units are for sale to owner occupants, or to investors. Whatever the case may be with the construction, the new occupants will indisputably appreciate the increased productivity that comes with better connectivity.

First Response is everything.

A reliable Public Safety networks, and a solid ICT infrastructure behind it – collectively are imperative for the safety of the citizens, and the first responders. Why? Because First Response is everything!

Public Safety DAS and Cellular DAS: Converged Vs. Distinct

What are Public Safety DAS? DAS has been an integral part of public safety communications since it was first installed in 1979 in an Illinois mine. Since then, provision of DAS have been key to extend mission critical communications coverage for public safety. Especially in the network-deprived areas like high-rise buildings, parking garages, tunnels, airports, shopping malls etc. The Public Safety DAS are installed for the protection of the lives – of both the first responders and the lives of […]